Routyn enhances the operation of Retail companies with exclusive features.

Retailers operate in a particular position of a supply-chain. They sell to several customers small quantities of items that they buy from one (or a few more) suppliers in larger quantities.

Many retailers operate with own stores or vending machines which actually stock some products. So there’s an inventory to manage. And this inventory is a permanent cost.

On the other hand, retailers also have a warehouse where they store items purchased from their suppliers waiting to be delivered at their customers (which in turn may be their own vending machines or own stores therefore representing another stocking).

Routyn allows retailers to take their planning into another level with its demand-driven optimization.

In fact, Routyn provides a forecasting ability to estimate the demand from each Point-Of-Sales (POS) be it from a third-party or the retailers property.

With this demand Routyn effectively performs a multi-day route plan that minimizes visits to the POS while assuring all demand shall be fulfilled. By moving the replenishing days one day next or before Routyn analyzes many variables and objectives such as the cost of traveling, the cost of storage, the cost of money invested in the inventory, the interest rates for comparing the no-replenishment option against the over-stocking option.

With an integrated demand-driven optimization between the retailers warehouse and its POS then Routyn supports the retailer in reducing its warehouse stock levels by posting orders to its suppliers in the most appropriate quantities.

Routyn unites demand forecasting with multi-day route planning optimization and cost optimization to provide retailers with an end-to-end decision support tool that reduces costs and maximizes service quality.