Project Description

Carriers have a special edition called Routyn for Transportation.

The scope of this edition is to manage resources such as tractors, trailers and drivers individually. Routyn tracks and keeps record of all known positions and timestamps of these resources. In particular, the drivers Hours-of-Service (or the EC 561/2006 directive) can be managed as Routyn foresees their accounting at each stop and during each traveling time.

Routyn for transportation allows single-day full truckload (TL) planning for resources that depart from a hub and return to the same place at the end of the working day. It performs freight optimization and sequencing taking in consideration loading and unloading time windows, and many other resources.

Multi-day planning (and international transportation) for TL considers sleeping times and country regulations of cabotage.

Both the single-day and the multi-day optimization consider movements such as relaying trailers at swap stations (or hubs) whether synchronously (having both tractors and drivers physically present at the same time) or asynchronously (trailers can be left at a hub for later retrieval).

Routyn for transportation also allows drawing relay networks. The system optimizes freight transportation based on all available options such as using a relay network with exclusive resources or traveling directly between loading and unloading locations.