Project Description

Luís Simões offers an innovative concept of integration and vertical structure of logistics services across the Iberian Peninsula, form the Logistics Operations Centres and the regional platforms located across the Iberian Peninsula.

Working from its network of platforms across the Iberian Peninsula and a divided multi-client distribution concept, Luís Simões has a daily service for distribution in Spain and Portugal with high levels of service, quality standards and reduced delivery lead times.

– 1.750 staff
– 300.000 m2 of warehouses
– 20 logistics operations centres

– 16 cross-docking platforms
– 11 co-packing centres
– 10 transport operations centres
– 3.688.064 units of picking/month
– 3.750 distribution rotas/day
– 980.588 units of co-packing/month
– 6.505 million tons transported/year
– 202 million kilometres drive/year
– It manages a fleet of about 2,000 vehicles, own and subcontracted, equipped with on-board IT and GPS